Women 4 Women Retreat
Women 4 Women Retreat

women experience


Empower women by offering fun and entertaining retreats in amazing locations. Where you will be able to disconnect. Connecting with yourself and with Women around Europe and the world.


Coaching sessions to feel empowered, inspired and accompanied.

Exercise / Sport

Dancing, yoga, meditation, water activities.


Meeting other amazing women in a relaxed atmosphere.

Fun & other inspiring things

Gastronomy, wine tasting, coastal walks…

Women 4 Women Retreat


Women 4 Women Retreat

Latina Flame

Dancer & Believer.
Dreams follower who believes in
the inner power .
Entrepreneur who flows with
the vibrations in and around her.

Women 4 Women Retreat

Bonding Achiever

With her passion, and world
experience, the sky is the limit.
Energetic PR who guarantees fun
and good vibes for everyone
that surrounds her.

Women 4 Women Retreat

Blondie Yogini

Passionate marketeer.
Yoga addict since Covid19.
A true believer of women
power and the benefits of being
surrended by amazing women.

women just want to have